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Partno. Description/use partno.Price excl.
pr033T1710 Turbocharger kit DV4813,327.83

PR704200-22500 see no: 704200-22502287.00

pr46150-004531 Geber340.00

pr729111-92620 Gasket set 3TN84L-RTBC2,250.00

pr129150-23601 Crank pin84.00

pr129105-22080 Piston assy1,116.00

pr129105-22080 Piston assy1,116.00

pr124770-91161 Sensor for tachometer2,340.00

PR129693-11880 Gasket71.00

PR129693-11870 Gasket300.00

PR620L2304New fuel pump DV18 620L23041,000.00

PR620L0509New crankcase, block DV8 620L0509498.00

PRDysseholderNew nozzle holder 0431 202 199710498.00

PR3EV100New water collector tubes 36105 9317/2 3EV1001,500.00

PRGearBW6Gear reconditioned BW67,000.00

PRGenerator24VNew generator 24V498.00

PRGearskifteNew teleflex gearshift, double1,000.00

PR541A0570New elastic coupling 541A05702,500.00

PR31001NEW starting gearwheel 1-2-3G105 4-6K105 All BUKH tractors498.00

PR000E7125Used crankcase, 36105 000E7125 2,000.00

PR3QM30Used startmotor 121370-770102,500.00

PR038D0401Cylinder head DV18 new2,000.00

PR3G105Engine Block Crankcase 3G105 452 4033,000.00

PRkh2G105Engine Block Crankcase 3022,000.00

PRLAir filter300.00

PRAS612A1707Anchor for startmotor DV8-10LSME 610A1701498.00

PRAR000D5110Watermanifold 4K105 000D51101,500.00

PRUMF4K105Exhaust manifold dry 4K1051,500.00

PRG400VGenerator 400V 18KWA5,000.00

PR Propel16x10ISOPropel 16x10 ISO Ø 30 m.m498.00

PRSP2Spray pump2,000.00

PRKTH554Engine Block. New. Crankcase 4K105 Jupiter 5544,000.00

PRAN40Axle hub Ø 40 m.m498.00

PRSP1Spray pump2,000.00

PRSPSpray pump. New2,000.00

PRKAG105Camshaft G105. New1,000.00

PR Propel30ISOPropel 18x9 Ø 30 m.m ISO498.00

PRK4K105Crank 71000/2 new 4K105 Jupeter 5545,000.00

PRK2G105Crank 31002/3 new 2G105,Bukh3022,500.00

PRM6Gear arm complete MG-gears 6787/2 new1,000.00

PRSL40UStern tubes exterior. New Ø40mm800.00

PRSLS40Stern tubes bearing set Ø 40 m.m1,500.00

PRS40Stern tubes bearing outer 40mm. New.800.00

PRFH200Heat exchanger BOWMAN FH-200 new3,000.00

PR008c8577Water cooled exhaust manifold 3G105/3EV100 new5,000.00

PR Propel-2New propel 18x9 . 30mm ISO.498.00

PR stævnrør 30 New flexible stern tubes. 30mm shaft.1,000.00

PR Propel-1GoriUsed stainless, solid propel 21x16 . 30mm ISO shaft.1,000.00

PR020D2130New tachometer. VDO. 0-4000 RPM. 80 m.m498.00

PR020D8420Propeller solid aluminium. 16x11 V for sail drive. Used.2,000.00