Technical Data for Yanmar 1GM10

Model. 1GM10(C)
Bore x Stroke. 75 X 72mm
Displacement. 0,318 cc.
Configuration. 1 Cylinder, vertical, 4cycle water-cooled diesel engine. Swirl pre-combustion chamber.
Sales date app.. 1984 - d.d
Dimensions LxWxH mm. 547 X 410 X 485mm
Dry weight. 76Kg
Output: max. / continuous. 9Hp(6,7Kw)/3600Rpm / 8Hp(6,0Kw)/3400Rpm
Cooling System. Direct sea water cooling (rubber impeller)
Starting System. Starter: 12V - 1,0Kw Generator: 12V - 55A (LR155-20)
Lubrication system. Forced lubrication by trochoid pump
Mounting flange No. SAE 6
Clutch. Mechanical cone (KM2C)
Rotation, crankshaft / propel. Counterclockwise / Clockwise viewed from stern
Fire Order. -
Max. Torque. 1,9Kgf-m/2800Rpm
Fuel Consumption. Max. 215g/Hp-Hr
Notes: Model C= Saildrive(SD20)
1GM10(C) with SD20 shall use SAE CD 15W40 oil in the
saildrive, this model only. Propel rotation: Counter clockwise.
Service Data:  
Engine oil. 1,3L CD - 15W/40
Gear oil. 0,25L CD - 15W/40 (KM2C) / 2,2L 15W/40 (SD20)
Valve clearance (Cold). Intake: 0,2mm Exhaust: 0,2mm
Fuel Injection Timing. 15 B.T.D.C.
Fuel Injection Pressure. 170+- 5Kg/cm2
Top Clearance / Compression. 0,68 - 0,88mm / 28 - 33Kg/Cm2
Tightning Torque:*  
Cylinder Head. 7,5Kgf-m
Bearing Con-Rod. 2,5Kgf-m
Bearing Main. 3,5Kgf-m
Bearing Main, Housing. -
Flywheel Bolt. 7,0Kgf-m

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