Leading employees
Erik Jørgensen
Lars Winther
Workshop Manager
Anne Marie Andersen
CFO & Warehouse Manager



Machine shearer 25000x10mm 0,1mm accuracy.

Swingbender 2000x2,5mm

Hydraulic bender 45T

3 roll’s machine 2000x8mm

3 roll’s profile machine 50x10x500mm

Universal milling 300x300x800mm

Turning machine 1500x400mm

Drilling automat Ø100x300mm

Band saw automat Ø250mm

CNC Machining Center horisontal 100x600x500mm

Hydraulik press 60T

Copy burning 28x1000x1500mm

MIG-MAG welding high frequent pulse 200-500Amp. Programmable.

TIC welding 250Amp. AC/DC. High frequent pulse.

Precision valve grinder.

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